For the season of Lent, we focused on Bearing Witness, and showing up with heart and voice to the things that bring pain as well as joy into the world. By bearing witness together, we keep ourselves proximate to the everyday suffering that Christ's body endures daily. Poetry for Palestine, Day of Remembrance for incarcerated Japanese Americans, ongoing vigils with the Northwest Detention Center, and the Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage made for a rich Lenten season.

But we are Easter people! And the risen Christ rises in each of us whenever we rise up to love, and justice, and compassion. So, for this season of Eastertide, let's focus more on gathering and enjoying life together. 

We will not gather for Sunday worship in the month of April and the few weeks of May. We return to worship on May 19 for Pentecost celebration at 10am.  

Events for Easter

These events are led by the community so they are subject to change because as we all know, life happens. Please check back here or call into the church office for the most up-to-date details. Click on the photo to the right for a full schedule.

- Wednesday, May 1 6:30pm "Sorry to Bother You" Movie

- Sunday, May 5 at 11am Filipino Food Class on Pancit